Blog 2nd August 2012

Poetry – its part in my downfall! Prior to the onset of mental illness I was in a long-term relationship but straining with every fibre in my body to write poems. Riches and fame were the goal. In the end the relationship broke up and I broke down! In an effort to make a fresh start/a clean slate, I destroyed those poems – all of them. To this day I have no regrets about that decision. Those poems were not good.

To my amazement in 2003 I had the urge to write and a poem was formed, entitled ‘Sound and vision’. My writing ‘career’ had begun!

Sound and vision

Higher than snowy mountain peaks the eagle flies.

By Alpine sunny fountains ibex drink.

Through undergrowth the python slithers;

while out on the dales a lamb is born.

Under leaves a hedgehog huddles.

In cold river waters trout swim.

Up-stream salmon leap;

deep underground a rabbit feeds her young.

Mist is settling over the lough where midges swarm.

The sun is setting;

the still night air is broken by a blackbird’s song.

And on a sofa a man is slumped, one eye half-closed,

half-watching T.V.

I believe that ‘Sound and vision’ and my subsequent poems are a gift to be shared. Thus, may my poems be of help and encouragement to you. Poetry – its part in my healing…


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2 responses to “Blog 2nd August 2012

  1. Marda

    Very nice! Thank you.

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